Pacific Rim Review

13/08/2013 at 15:42 (Personal)

A beautifully comprehensive review of Summer hit ‘Pacific Rim.’


Of all the phrases dragged out during the summer movie series, the most risible to me is that one should “turn off your mind.” I can’t stand either the idea popular entertainment is inherently stupid, or that it should be OK for the makers of blockbusters to forego character or story to entertain. Even still, I can understand people resigning themselves to that mindset. It gets difficult to avoid as the summer wears on, and more movies come and go that try to overwhelm with spectacle and emotional angst to distract from their lack of actual story. They get caught between the extremes of Michael Bay (all the explosions, none of the character development) or Christopher Nolan (brooding, dark, joyless heroes). They’ve lost the magic classic adventure movies like Star Wars and the Richard Donner Superman had, where they were filled with plenty of visual stimulation while presenting actual fun…

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