Autumn Instinct, Homeward Flight

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If this year has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is secure. Things unravel in a breathspace. One by one, the fragments of life I’ve carefully pieced together in the city, are falling away. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Maybe my time is done here.

I try not to expect too much of any one day, person or feeling now. With the year already starting to look old in more ways than one, my face is turning to the south, to my old hometown. I fled it three years ago, to escape ghosts of my past.

I’m starting to miss their pale touch. Especially when the geese thrum overhead. Instinct is pulling me to wherever I’ll feel at home.

Now when the light among the trees
Has frayed from summer’s gold, to brass
The geese make chevron smiles at me
And I shall wave, to see them pass

But now the hawk, his keening cry
Has sold my soul within the haze
I watch him leave and mourn the loss
Of diamond love, within his gaze

Your hand was warm inside the spring
A green-gold hope, a vagrant lust
I couldn’t hope to rein you in
And distance bides its time on trust

But here again, the road shall part
My breath is twisting with the wind
And melancholy rides the grass
Towards the winter chill within

My home, my time within the walls
Of ancient stone and modern face
Are dialling down towards the sun
Lost in the west, his empty grace

And soon the autumn, with his geese,
His brassy sun and fading light
Shall lift the hope and set me free
Where instinct points me home, in flight.

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  1. Jessica West said,

    Thanks for taking us with you on such a personal journey. It seems a transition may be in order, if not imminent. May good fortune and peace find you wherever you may be.

  2. celenagaia33 said,

    Thanks, Jess. I just feel very tired, of things falling through and out of my pockets. If not my old home, then somewhere completely new. I’ve enough cash on the hip to disappear for a bit, to get my head and everything together.

  3. Talicha J. said,

    Very nicely done! I enjoyed the way you wrote this 🙂

    • celenagaia33 said,

      Bless your heart, thanks so much for saying so 🙂 It’s a case of pulling together all the images I know and cherish, and spooling them out one by one, reeling them back in with migratory references at the end of the poem, to bring it full circle.
      That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to explaining how I write poetry 😉 Oh and reading it aloud to yourself while writing; two fingers gently tapping a beat on the desk. X

  4. Talicha J. said,

    Ah yes, very nice indeed. I often read aloud as well, I do it though because I am very picky about flow and if it does not sound right I have to change it lol

  5. Bianca’s Weekly Wonder List 23.08.13 | B.G. Bowers said,

    […] Autumn Instinct, Homeward Flight […]

  6. Wordifull Melanie said,

    Some times a change if scenery helps just keep in mind (as I learned the hard way) there is no such thing as a geographical cure… wherever you go, there you are.

    • celenagaia33 said,

      I love that last line in particular. I’m sitting in my old bedroom right now, surrounded by a few memories but for the most part … it’s a new place. I could come back here to live now, I think. It’s been long enough. I’m going to blog about it. x

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