Going Far

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When distance measures in a smile
A frozen word, a nowhere child
A message gone astray in time
When no one knew that you were mine

The world can’t seem to let us go
It strives to force the public face
And we, the players that we are
Can’t help but rise towards the chase

I wander still beneath your stars
I’m somewhere near, but going far
And nothing beats the hardest here
Than love inside a name, and fear

The in-between and where-without
Is living life inside a lie
And nothing stands a chance in time
Without the fear and love inside.

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  1. Jessica West said,

    Feels like a grief that wasn’t allowed to be expressed. OH, my heart. xoxo

  2. Going Far | Jessica P. West said,

    […] Going Far. by celenagaia […]

  3. jabe842 said,

    Exquisite …

  4. celenagaia33 said,

    Thank you, liebling 🙂

  5. Aquileana said,

    ►Hello Rachael ►

    It’s a beautiful poem, I associate with the loss of a loved one
    and the need to leave the past behind, to get away from him.

    However the feeling of lost seems clear in the third stanza, and it is later emphasized in the two first verses of the fourth stanza.

    Just wanted to know if you have choosen the blue rose because it is the symbol of the unattainable or impossible love as for example for Novalis.

    Finally I wanted to say that some of the topics & metaphors of your poem here reminded me of Shakespeare´s Sonnet Nº97, which I do really love .

    I am adding the sonnet here, followed by the main points to analysis


    Wishing you best & thanks for sharing; Rachael

    Aquileana 🙂

    • celenagaia33 said,

      Helli darling 🙂 thanks so much for this in-depth answer to my piece. Yes I specifically chose the Blue Rose for its symbolism of the unobtainable; the rose genus cannot bloom with the necessary delphinium pigment, so all blue roses are synthetically created. Recently in Japan, botanists managed to breed a ‘proper’ blue rose hybrid as opposed to the more purple shade of the ‘Blue Moon’ rose available widely. I’d love to grow one myself; will have to look into buying a seedling online.

      In literary terms, and paganism, the blue rose represents mystery and an effervescent life. I’ve changed the perspective slightly for the universe in which all my stories exist; the Blue Rose grows naturally but is a magical creation, a blessing and curse. They’re only seen under moonlight, and are used to mark the graves of loved ones interred with the deepest love. This has the effect of keeping that soul alive in the mind of the one left behind; a love-link, if you like. The downside is that the living soul wanders lost forever, unable to settle or ever love another. It’s the magical equivalent of a binding contract. The restless soul often returns to the spot where their lost counterpart is buried, to sit among the blue rose garden and quietly pine, or absorb a peace to keep them going in the world; it’s dependant on the strength of their personality.

      To carry a blue rose on your person is a gift and warning to others to not bother getting close. The soul beneath is waiting for a reunion, once the living world stops getting in the way.

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