Highgate Cemetery

29/06/2013 at 21:30 (Poetry, Writing) (, , , , , , , , )

Let me preface this with the admission that the photos were taken on a naff little Nokia. I’ve used the best possible shots, minus pixel-spatter.

Highgate Cemetery.

 photo 5afe384f-77a3-4a04-bb83-7b3b38ff0ce7_zps6e210542.jpg

You were once as I am now
A dreamer full of sleep and lust
A thought on someone else’s time
A river flowing to the mind

 photo 8063034e-54a1-4f01-8919-605d69e0201d_zpsb1983b33.jpg

I am here, among the stones
The ivy-clad, the sparse and blank
The fretted vines of ages gone
The scent of death and heavy life

 photo 4f537064-811d-4719-8096-9c7d576396d5_zpsc5bebcf3.jpg

We are gone and they remain
To watch us through the lowered night
With faces chapped by falling rain
Beneath we lie, as one in dust.

 photo d07674b2-acee-40c5-af0b-b23bbf43f64d_zps81da2654.jpg

 photo c067f188-d2ce-4c77-8556-5d7f0b251444_zpsa3230569.jpg


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