The Piano

24/07/2013 at 12:46 (Poetry, Writing) (, , , , , )

He played me the rawness of life
A pain he made calm in his hand
With fingers staccato across the keys 
That no other touch could warm.

I was as a goddess of sound
A beckoning ivory lust
The world became mute with my lilting voice
Would fall with my ebony glance.

He trod with his fingers and toes
A snaring sonata of love
And such was the fever of loss, I knew 
The loneliest shores in his sleep.

I stand with the patience of death 
For morning to live in his eyes
And muting my breath, to rise on one side 
To feel his touch burn me again.

 photo pianolight_zps641a48f8.jpg


  1. Talicha J. said,

    Great! I enjoyed reading this!

    • celenagaia33 said,

      That’s very kind of you to say so, thank you! 🙂 Welcome aboard.

  2. Wordifull Melanie said,

    Gorgeous work! “I was as a goddess of sound
    A beckoning ivory lust”

    Bianca was right…you are someone I should be following 🙂

    • celenagaia33 said,

      Oh, Bianca is a gorgeous person to know, and highly talented herself 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading the work you both put out, it pops up on my Twitter feed from time to time; always a bonus during a boring work shift.

      Thanks for reading this; it’s an image I love to play with, the idea of instruments taking on personality and emotions of their own. Especially when used with such loving detail, such tormented hands as a musician, seeking perfection 😉

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